Ad makers simplify the process of creating high-converting ads. These tools use AI, software, and photo enhancers to help businesses create effective ads for social media platforms.

Ad Maker

The age of digital marketing is upon us, and ads are just one of the many mediums used to attract audiences to our products. A good ad will not only be attractive but also informative and persuasive and bound to convert.

Making an ad is an art and not everybody has the expertise or the equipment to make ads that convert. If your competitor has an ad and you do not, you are sure to miss out on customers.

Fear not though because there are companies who make your ads for you. These ad makers are equipped with AI, software, and photo enhancers that will surely convert customers and convince them to buy your product.

Although there are many, we have listed the 10 best ad makers for you! We have ranked them according to the services they offer and their pricing.

Best 9 Ad Makers

This is a general overview table made by us, if you want to see our more detailed review, please keep reading:

Product Price Main Feature Processing Speed Customization Ease of Use Suitable for
Softcube $29/month AI ad making ★★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★ Small to large businesses
Invideo $15/month Video ad templates ★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★ Small to large businesses
Try Pencil $750/month AI ad maker & analysis ★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★ Large businesses
Magisto $5/month Video editing & branding ★★★ ★★★ ★★★★ Small businesses
Visme $15/month Ad templates & graphics ★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★ Small to large businesses

1.    Softcube

Price: starting at $29/month


Softcube is an AI ad maker which has simplified the formula for making ads. All you have to do is copy and paste the link to your website. The AI will crawl your listing page and gather all the necessary information. The AI algorithm will then choose the best scenes from Soft cube's 2 million clip library. It will then compile the ad by customizing a template with a product or industry specific video and include your logo and information from your page. The whole process is fast, easy, and effective and you can use these ads on Facebook, Insta, or YouTube (Dealer's choice).


  • Easy process
  • Quickly makes the ads
  • Offers a custom ad too


  • It is a bit expensive 

2.    Invideo

Price: Starts at $15/month



Invideo is a video ad maker where you can bring out the artist within you. Clicking 'make a video' would take you to a portal with a huge collection of video templates to aid you in making the perfect ad. Choose the videos that best represent what you are trying to sell. This ad maker also has a huge library of music, animations, etc. to spark up your videos. At the end click export to download your video and publish it anywhere you want to. There is also a free version, but it leaves a watermark, so it is best to choose the paid version.


  • Allows you to make the videos yourself
  • Free version available
  • Great interface


  • Have to work on videos yourself (some people do not have the expertise)

3.    Try pencil

Price: $ 750 per month

Try pencil


Try pencil is an AI ad maker and so much more. It is a one window solution for DTC brands looking to boost their advertising. It will not only make your ads for you but also compare those ads with previous best ads to see if your ad has the winning formula. Moreover, this website will analyze your current ads for free! This ad maker offers features such as AI copy and narratives, automatic video edits and so much more!


  • Offers a lot of options
  • Ad Video is made by experts
  • Ads can be analyzed for free


  • Very expensive
  • Have to contact someone to get things done

4.    Magisto

Price: Starts at $5 per month


Magisto is a video ad maker which makes the best video ads and enhances your social media presence. You just have to upload videos and photos. You can use Magisto's video editor and the huge music library it offers. It adds custom branding, graphics, and captions to make professional videos for you. It is an easy, fast, and affordable solution for ad making.


  • Very affordable
  • Offers a huge music library and editing options
  • You get to work on your own ad


  • You have to work on the video yourself
  • Does not offer video templates

5.    Visme

Price: starts at $15 per month


 Visme is an ad maker where you can bring your imagination to life. With a huge library of photos and video templates, it allows you to make the perfect ad. Just create a new project and upload your own pictures and videos or choose from the thousands of options here. Add customized fonts, graphics, etc. to customize it according to your brand. It creates ads corresponding to the sizes of each social media. Just download the ad and improve your visibility!


  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • You get to work on your own ads


  • No help from professionals

6.    Biteable

Price: Starts at $49 per month


Biteable is just another video ad maker which allows you to work on your own ads. You can get started with a huge number of video templates or start from scratch. Then keep adding your own photos and logos to personalize it as much as you want or choose from the huge photo library on the website itself. You can start free as it offers basic options for free but once you get started you can come back for the paid version which offers much more editing options.


  • Easy to use
  • Can make videos for each social media network
  • Can start free


  • Have to make your own videos

7.    Creatopy



Creatopy is a free video ad maker which makes all kinds of ads, including industry ads, social media ads, and video ads. For video ads, you get to work on your own. The process is simple, the website allows you to create, animate, automate, collaborate, and deliver. Start with a black canvas or use one of the many videos templates the ad maker offers.


  • Has a lot of features
  • Gives a free option


  • Video making process can be a bit complicated

8.    Animaker

Price: Starts at $10 per month


Animaker is an ad maker which allows you to make wonder video ads in three simple steps. Firstly, kickstart your video production by using one of the 100+ video templates on the website or you can simply start yourself. Personalize the ad according to by adding assets from over a million collections on the website or from your own computer. Lastly, just export the ad to wherever you want to post it.


  • Great website interface
  • Affordable
  • A lot of assets and video templates to choose from


  • Have to make the ads yourself

9.    Vimeo

Price: starts at $7 per month


Vimeo is a video ad maker where you can create powerful video ads in minutes. It has apps for macOS, iOS, android, etc. so you do not have to work on the website if you do not want to. The process here is similar to other websites. Just choose a template, add photos to personalize it, edit it the way you want, and just publish it.


  • Very affordable
  • Is available on different devices


  • You have to work on your own ads


These days making ads is necessary to promote your business.  It is a hassle to start off on your own and make ads. These websites make your job easier by providing you with a platform to make those ads in a simple way.



What are the five basic components of advertising?

  1. Headline
  2. Sub heading
  3. Slogan
  4. Body copy
  5. Visualization

What makes an effective ad?

Firstly, you need to have a USP, a unique selling point that is different from others. Secondly, choose a purpose and make your ad accordingly. Thirdly, make them an offer that they cannot refuse! Make your ad in a way that convinces your audience to at least click the link if not buy it.

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