Do you know how your online privacy is protected by authorities? No? The answer to the question is Cyber Security. Just like you have your neighborhood watch, the Internet has its very own system of security measures being monitored by a specific protection department.

The internet and digital media have been so much updated now that everything you do or going to do is being monitored by some bots and systems, which we call 'Privacy Screening'. But how can we get rid of online theft and fraud? The answer to that is Cyber Security!

Let's move in deep to understand what cyber security is and how it works. This article will move around the fundamentals of how Artificial intelligence helps in cyber security. I personally think that this is the kind of information that youth should always keep in their minds so they can progress.

What is Cyber Security?

We already know about artificial intelligence as it is now being promoted and used by many companies out there. Also, cyber security is pretty active these days and a lot of people know about it but still here is a short introduction to it:

Basically, the protection and defense of computers, systems, networks, or mobile devices against any malicious attacks are called cyber security. People from around the globe also call this field of study computer security or information technology security.

With the presence of cyber security, All your online digital activity being is protected against any critical systems looking to drive your sensitive information into their own databases. These cyber attacks could sometimes become so critical that a lot of personal information is used to counterfeit and cripple a company's financial status.

Cyber Security Is Facing Challenges Now

With the given amount of technology and advancements not only are the protection departments but theft is also getting stronger. We are living in a world of continuous evolution and right now in the 21st century things are really pushing up the pace. This run is because of the technology that we have explored, making things progress faster. 

Right now, there are multiple cyber attacks that are getting super advanced and giving tough competition to the cyber security department. These attacks include;

  • Advanced Network Intrusions

These are the unauthorized entry and interference to your system network and may result in getting your personal data stolen. Hackers have made it quite tricky for the protection shields to stop them or even identify them. Usually, a hacker follows a chain of attacking strategies like flooding traffic on service, covert scripts, and multi routing, etc.

  • Ransomware

This is one of the most brutal attacks on the internet as it aims to captivate your business system accounts and ask for extortion money. Ransomware is also one of the most performed cyber attacks in current times. Although the ransomware performers are exploring multiple ways to stay ahead of their rivals.

  • Data Exfiltration

Any unauthorized entry and movement or stealing of data out of your company or organization. Data exfiltration is based on seeking multiple personal information using manual devices like thumb drives.

These are one of the most common cyber attacks that are being performed on the internet, however, AI is managing to help cyber security to stay up to speed and advance.

Functions of AI in Cyber Security

Artificial Intelligence is a great way to defend and upgrade multiple departments of information technology. While cyber attacks are getting extremely tricky day by day, AI is the only source of hope as of yet that is making it hard for attackers and keeping them at bay.

While talking about how AI is giving its services to cyber security, here are a few Functions of AI in Cyber Security;

  • Artificial Intelligence is a smart and powerful system that is always learning about how it can advance itself from its current position. With AI learning all the time, it makes it hard for hackers and attackers to bolt into systems.
  • While a system is getting attacked, the threat will most likely be unknown on various scales. An AI-powered cyber security system will make it easy to identify unknown threats and their multiple motives to damage your digital ethnicity.
  • The first thing a hacker does is flood traffic to the systems to make it slower and exposed while keeping its own identity hidden. This helps in staying unknown until the process is completed. With AI, a lot of data can be handled easily, and detection threats swiftly.
  • Overall, the security protocols are always up to date and advanced when powered by an Artificial intelligence mechanism. It will barricade all kinds of low-level attacks including phishing, service, and ransomware attacks.


Artificial Intelligence is emerging at a quick pace and will surely uphold the crown of digital technology. Its enhancing framework makes it perform excellent under tight situations as it is learning and defending at the same time. However, IT professionals are working effortlessly to improve this feature and make it absolute in its nature.

Mia Woods
Senior Editor

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