Why is AI Chatbot So Popular in 2021?

Have you ever talked to a chatbot? Perhaps, when you bought goods online, your questions might be replied by a chatbot whether you noticed or not. Though most of us prefer human interaction, chatbots are still adopted by many businesses, big or small. They are quick to use and they can work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They can deliver a response in apps or websites.

Many people don’t want to talk to a chatbot because they think they are less efficient to solve their problems than humans. It’s true that chatbots give silly answers occasionally. But not all chatbots are boring or disappointing. AI chatbots do much better in many areas than common chatbots. With their intelligence, AI provides you with a faster and more efficient experience.

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What is AI chatbot?

AI chatbot is an AI-powered software program that can simulate human-like conversation.


It can interact with you through voice, text, gestures, or touch. Artificial Intelligence chatbot is trained to think like humans with the knowledge database available to them. It can solve your problems and give you information automatically based on their intelligence.


Why is AI chatbot so popular in 2021?

AI Chatbots are favored by businesses because they can improve user experience and reduce customer service costs. AI can deliver automatic customer service at any time. Supported by conversational AI systems, AI chatbots excel at understanding the customer’s request and offering personalized and relevant replies. They can give answers to about 80% of the common questions customers have. When you shop online, you can see a chatbot appearing on your screen. You can ask them questions about products or chat with AI randomly. They can give quicker responses if set up properly. They can recommend products to consumers intelligently.


AI chatbots are becoming smarter and smarter. They are gaining popularity in the companionship industry. They are backed by sentiment analysis, allowing them to understand your feelings intelligently. When you want to find someone to talk to, AI chatbot is there for you.

What is the use of chatbot?

AI-powered chatbots are common in our lives. There are many types of AI chatbots, such as weather bot, news bot, or personal assistant. Can AI chatbot deliver a humanlike experience as many people expect? Not all of them. But advanced AI chatbots can chat with you like your friends. Some good examples include Siri or Replica. AI chatbots can do more. You can use them to fill out forms, make recommendations, book appointments, and more.


How does AI chatbot work?

Creating AI chatbots requires expertise in NLP, machine learning, and advanced algorithms. But here we will not overwhelm you with too many technical details. Simply put, AI chat bot needs to be trained with data as input so that it can output answers when asked questions. Such training enables AI to understand the context. At the heart of AI sits NLP, Natural Language Processing, which makes it possible for AI chatbots to process human speech.

Best 4 AI Chatbots Online Free 2021

Here are four AI chatbots you can chat with online free. It’s fun talking to them. And there is no limit on topics. But AI can learn from you. For a good experience and your privacy, you are recommended to talk to them with discretion.

1. Cleverbot

Cleverbot is an AI-powered chatbot that you can talk to any time online free. You can chat with this AI chatbot without registration. You can chat with AI by clicking the mic icon or entering some words in the box. If you come up with nothing to say, you can tap on “think about it” to generate a question automatically.


Cleverbot learns how to give responses by using an artificial intelligence algorithm. Unlike common chatbots which are pre-programmed, Cleverbot is smart enough to generate natural responses based on your input. Though you might find it funny to trick Cleverbot, it might say things inappropriate because they can learn from you.

2. Eviebot

Eviebot is a female AI chatbot that you can use online for free. Being Existor’s first chatbot avatar, Eviebot has become famous on social media in the past several years. If you use keep talking to it, it will have a similar personality to you. This is backed by machine learning and deep learning techniques, which allow this AI chatbot to have a short-term memory.

Eviebot can not only speak English but also Spanish and Japanese. There is no need to log in. You can chat with it online or using its app if you like. PewdiePie, one of the most subscribed channels, offers several videos about Eviebot. Want to know what happened? Find out more in the video above.

3. Boilbot

Like Eviebot, Boibot is also an AI chatbot created by Existor. It is a male AI chatbot that you can talk to online or via its app. It can interact with you through voice and texts. It also has rich facial expressions. It combines emotion when he speaks to you. If you continue to use Boibot, it will give you more personal interactions.

4. Mitsuku

Mitsuku is dubbed as one of the most human-like AI chatbots in the world. You can access it Kik, or its official website. Mitsuku has won Loebner Prize Turing Test five times. It is driven by NLP, which allows you to talk with it naturally.

Cleverbot vs Mitsuku, who has more personality? Check out in this video.



AI Chatbots are becoming more popular in recent years. Apart from the four chatbots we list in this article, chatbots for commercial use are also prevalent. It’s true that AI can make interactions much easier and more efficient for customers because they can work day and night without any complaint. But human customer service can hardly be eliminated because they can solve personalize and specific questions. The trend is that companies introduce both AI chatbots and human customer agents to improve user experience.

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  1. Nice article, Chatbot are changing human interaction perspective in B2C industry. As it's cost-effictive, many businesses are adopting chatbots as their primary business face.

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