Adobe Photoshop’s AI Neural Filters for Skin Smoothing and More

On October 20, 2020, Adobe released the latest Photoshop version 22.0, which marks a big breakthrough in AI photo editing. Of all the awesome AI features newly added to Photoshop, the spotlight is “Neural Filters”, which is a suit of image editing tools.

What can the AI-driven “Neural Filters” do?

“Neural Filters”, powered by Adobe Sensei, can be used for skin smoothing to create amazing effects. Apart from Photoshop smoothing,  new features, such as colorization, make-up transfer, zooming pictures, and even generating portraits, are also fun to play with. Just unleash your imagination.


What is Adobe Sensei?

Adobe is a latecomer to AI business but it is now investing hugely in Adobe Sensei, the AI and machine learning technology that helps you enhance customer experience. It has powerful features. For example, Adobe Sensei AI is smart enough to identify images and even elements in it, which helps you to categorize and find images.


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